Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back story

So, I did not get a lot of studying done today at work (call volume sucked) so I figured I would give you a back story of my linux/Unix expierience.

So I have known about Unix/Linux or Linux/Unix if your picky, for a long time. I learned how to use Unix in the Military as part of my training, although I did not show a lot of care for it.

Fast forward about 2 years, again I am working with Unix again with the NSA, again, I did not show a lot of interest, I learned just enough to get by and do my job... Stupid me right.

So fast forward another year and a half and I am working for Dell, I hate it, I am thinking about getting out of the computer field all together and moving to a different profession. My buddy Brian decides to show me Kubunutu on my laptop, he loads a live disk, I decide 10 min later to keep the OS, I load it from there. I have World of Warcraft working in Kubuntu two days later.

Now at this point I like Linux but I have not moved on in my thinking yet. I have not decided to finally do something with my life. I am still complacent and just coasting through my job.

Well a few months later I no longer work for Dell, I am looking for a job and my skills are not outstanding, I am well versed in Computers, Hardware, medium knowledge with MS Windows but I do not stand out, I cant get a job. I finally get a job for my current employer but again, this was luck, we were the last class to be hired.

So a month or so after being hired my mind finally snaps, I can not take any more of call center work, I need to change something, My current skills are not marketable, I have to compete with everyone else with no certs to back me... Something has to change, Enter Linux, clearly I have a knack for it, I enjoy it and its mysteries and I know there is possibilities, I can grow.

So my quest begins, I go for my certifications, I can not, I WILL NOT do this anymore, I hate call center work, and I refuse my next job to be one, I will have my certifications to stand ahead of everyone.

Ok so tomorrow I will post about what I have read after I get home from work tonight.


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