Monday, June 29, 2009


Fooling around with my G1 been using a different distro on it. The dude edition: Cupcake.

Not bad, same interface just a different skin really, it comes with a terminal window, I still downloaded better terminal.

Now for those out there studying and going out of there way to learn Linux, if you have the G1 a great app I use is PinguinCommand it is basically a flashcard app that lets me select a command and it tells me what it does. Now, it also has commands (in another tab) for the G1 so you can have better access and know what it does. For anyone transferring from windows, it has a tab for that, it shows you the Linux command and gives you the command it would have been for windows. Now that is awesome in my opinion. It helps you understand things better coming from Dos/windows environment.

I have also downloaded some soundboards, and a Lightsabre app ;P the nerd in me is strong.

-OH MY GOD THAT HURTS!!!!!!!!! ........ I didn't say stop!!!

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