Friday, June 5, 2009

So I decided to show you my "rig" as some people say. I take this set up everywhere I go, work, travel, friends houses. So Here is my Layout:

Left: My bag, I got this right after I got out of the Army, you can get this at any military surplus store, Its compact but holds up to a 15 inch portable and any accessories as you see fit.

Left Top: My roll away keyboard

Center: Starling netbook This little thing is awesome, only downside is its upgrade ability is limited to the HDD and adding internet service.

Far right: you can see my binders and my Ham radio guide, eventually I will go get certed in that as well.

Bottom left: Cd carrying case for extra copies of Linux to hand out :P

Center: USB DVD burner and assorted usb cables and chargers and a USB Hub. OH and a spair set of headphones.

Bottom right, my external HDD, 120 gig, bought from Frys electronics.

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