Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well, my last post was telling about my late posts, I looked at the date today and realized its been over a week since I posted, shame on me.

So I have been studying and playing with my G1, my buddy flashed the phone and put a different distro on the phone, The dude edition with the Cupcake update. Its awsome, new look better access to the phone.

I have been posting my road to certification on the Linux OS and lo and behold guess what, G1 is awesome :P Linux all around, now this is not news to me, I just want to gloat about it being a Linux driven phone.

Now of course I want to keep the marketplace free, its open source people. OK /endrant

So I know I have been going for my Linux Certified professional cert, but I think I am going to try a few different distro's soon. I have messed with Kubuntu/Ubuntu and that is the extent so far, Now I have seen some of the distro's in action already, I just need to try them for myself.

I have been reading more and more and one of the websites that will help me, so that I do not have to search around for all of the distros is am lazy, I want the easy way here) So yah I will dedicate a day to download the different distro's for two reasons:

1. So that I can check them out at my leisure.

2. So that If I find someone that is remotely interested in Linux, I may convert them and hand them the disk, give them some simple instructions, or Just fire up my Starling and do a live presentation for them.

I have ambitions, I know this certification is meant to be hard, I am looking forward to it!!

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  1. You need to fix the link to Artistic Tattoo but nice post

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